What’s the worst weather you’ve ever played/coached in?

University of Wyoming. Nine degrees with 20mph winds and snow. Because the wind was blowing so hard the snow didn’t stick, so we played on.

Ryan Roberts

Princeton, West Virginia. 8 hour and 57 minute game due to one lonnnng rain delay! It was a conference tournament game and had to be finished by midnight. Eventually we lost the game and were eliminated by a team that hadn’t beaten us in four years. Wasn’t a fun day!

Ryan Taylor

First ever game coaching in college. 2006 at Fresno Pacific at night. 26 degrees end of January #brutal!

Matt Lisle

Growing up in Michigan, high school baseball games were played in freezing temps for the first half of the season! It is a different game when it’s that could outside

Dustin Demps

Delmarva, Maryland. 31 degrees and freezing, misty rain. There were icicles hanging from the dugout by the time the 17-inning game ended around 1 o’clock AM.

Charlie Lisk

Al Lang Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. It was 31 with strong wind coming off water and our team did not pack long Johns! Doug Flynn and Dave Kingman were in spring training there and watched all nine innings!

Keith Madison

Portland, Maine, April 2002. 30 degrees and showing, and I was fresh off the disabled list. I thought an icicle fell into my elbow!

Sam Marsonek

1985 high school game in Harrisonburg, Virginia. 30 degrees and windy, unbelievably cold! And to beat all we lost in extra innings.

Rick Bale

Beloit Wisconsin, 2007. First week of the season snowed out. When it finally melted, we had to make up the games, so we played doubleheaders in 30-degree temps for what seemed like half the season!

Danny Delaney

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