Tim Corbin interview

Tim Corbin/AP photo

Tim Corbin/AP photo

On fall ball…

“Fall is all about building foundations of what a team is all about. We teach those concepts more than anything else, because when you have kids coming back and coming in, there’s an expectation level of what they’ve accomplished in the past.

The younger guys want to understand what your program is all about and what exists inside the culture of the program. As much as we teach baseball, I think concepts and foundations of team most important.”

Advice to incoming players

“Use the two things on the side of your head [your ears] rather than the one in the middle [your mouth]. Listen, listen, listen; and use your eyes to observe. A lot can be learned from watching the returners, so it’s important for them [the returners] to be leadership models.”

Advice to coaches

“There’s so much information that can be learned in the fall. I think the coaches’ role in that is trying to get the kids to be patient, trying to get them to understand what’s in front of them. It’s important to be firm, but also to understand that there’s a learning progression that takes place.”

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