The winding road to Omaha

SU16 3up3downAlthough each of the past three four national champions finished the season in an Omaha dogpile, they all had to overcome adversity:


The odds– Despite having more national championships than any other school, UCLA had never taken home the title in baseball.

The bottom– lost its first game of the year to Minnesota; went 2-5 in a 7-game stretch from March 28-April 7

The top– After a comeback win to avoid a sweep at Stanford during the last game of the regular season, the Bruins ran the table in the postseason, going 10-0 en route to the 2013 title.


The odds– Entering 2014, Vanderbilt University had not won a national title in any sport.

The bottom– outscored 18-3 in final 2 games of SEC tournament; went 4-6 in 10-game stretch from April 5-20.

The top– Won 10 of last 13 games to capture 2014 championship.


The odds– Entering 2015, the ACC hadn’t won a title in baseball since 1955 (Wake Forest) and UVA had never won a title in any of its ‘big three’ sports- basketball, baseball or football.

The bottom– Went 2-7 in a nine game stretch from March 11-24; after winning ACC Tournament play-in game, the Cavs lost all three games of pool play, and were outscored 27-9.

The top– Won 10 of 12 down the stretch (3-0 in CWS elimination games) for 2015 title.


The odds- Coastal Carolina University had never won a national title in any sport, and no Big South Conference team had ever won a national title.

The bottom- won only two of its first seven games in the month of March

The top- overcame being down to its last strike to win NC State Regional, no. 8 national seed LSU in Baton Rouge Regional, beat no. 1 national seed Florida and overcame elimination three times in three days to win 2016 national title.