TCU head coach Jim Schlossnagle on…

Finnegan Interview…the mental game

“We spend as much time, effort and resources in the mental game as any program in the country. There is no doubt that it has a positive effect on our players both while they are here and in their careers beyond TCU. To see Brandon exemplify all of that on a national stage helps justify with our players all that we do. Brandon is a living, breathing example of the fact that the only way you can control your performance is if you are in control of yourself.”

…Brandon Finnegan’s development as a strike-thrower

“Brandon had always been a guy in search of strikeouts, which led him to higher pitch counts and walk totals. One day in practice Coach Saarloos and I challenged him to just try and throw every single pitch for a strike and let the results take care of themselves. When he truly committed to that, he took an amazing jump in his performance.”

… ‘if the team goals are met, individual goals will be met too’

“That is a mantra in our program. We talk about being selfless on a daily basis for the good of the team. When everyone truly does that, it’s amazing how everyone’s individual goals get met…..when the team wins, we all win.”