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Troy Buckley (Long Beach State Athletics/John Fajardo)

After winning 38 games at Long Beach State- the most wins for the program since 2008- Troy Buckley has the ‘Dirtbags’ back on the map Continue reading

Continuing Education of Pro Baseball Players: A (College) Degree of Difficulty

"Quick Pitch" with Eddie Comeaux

“Quick Pitch” with Eddie Comeaux

Major and Minor League Baseball spring training has arrived. And players reported to their affiliates located in either Arizona or Florida after spending the off-season in myriad ways. Some players tried their hand at a new hobby, traveled unchartered territories, played winter baseball games, or engaged in unprecedented rounds of golf while others worked odd jobs, rested and rehabbed nagging injuries, or added muscle to a fragile physique.

What is all too often missing during the winter months is a return to the classroom.

According to a survey of MLB teams, of the players that appeared in at least one game during the 2012 season, only 4.3 percent of players earned a four-year college degree. Further, in a study of professional baseball players, Knott (2010) reported that college graduation rates for MLB players is considerably less than their counterparts in the National Football League, National Basketball Association, and National Hockey League. Continue reading