The Dirtbag brand

Troy Buckley (Long Beach State Athletics/John Fajardo)

After winning 38 games at Long Beach State- the most wins for the program since 2008- Troy Buckley has the ‘Dirtbags’ back on the map Continue reading

No-no’s during no-no’s

Hey Blue! There sure have been a lot of no-hitters this year, haven’t there? I was watching Homer Bailey throw his no-hitter on September 28 and when I mentioned it to my friend in the seventh inning, he said I was going to jinx it! What’s he talking about?

Perhaps the most common superstition in the game is that the mere mention of a no-hitter (or perfect game, for that matter) is bad luck. You will even see that most pitchers making legitimate bids for no-no’s often appear to be on an island in the dugout in the latter parts of a game, as their teammates refuse to disrupt them in any way. Continue reading