How David Ortiz became one of the greatest hitters of a generation

photo by Parker Harrington

photo by Parker Harrington

Life in the minor leagues is far from glamorous- long bus rides, shoddy hotels, sparse crowds and Podunk towns are just a few of the vast differences between baseball “down on the farm” and in the Major Leagues. But one of the great things about the minors is that quite often, you get the chance to simply sit back and appreciate our national pastime and those who play it. Continue reading

Louisville Slugger introduces its most innovative wood bat line yet: MLB Prime

sluggerLine Features New, Proprietary EXOARMOR™ Finish; Ink-Dot Symbolizes Highest Quality Wood

Continuing its longstanding leadership in innovative, high performance wood bats, Louisville Slugger has introduced its most advanced wood bat line to date, the all-new MLB PRIME. This line of bats represents the brand’s most premium wood bat offering, and was designed to enhance the performance of today’s most advanced athletes and pro players.

Each MLB PRIME bat features a new proprietary finish called EXOARMOR™ and an ink-dot to signify the bat is constructed from the highest quality wood available today. Only ink-dotted bats that meet slope-of-grain standards are approved for play in Major League Baseball® (MLB). Continue reading

It’s called being a hitting coach, not a swing coach

article by Ryan Parker

One of the rude awakenings of the season is when pitchers start throwing quality off speed pitches to batters. While coaches always want to ensure batters are crushing fastballs, hitters need to be able to handle the off-speed pitch. So what are some strategies and concepts players and coaches can use to make pitchers regret throwing soft stuff to hitters? Continue reading

Inside Interview with NMSU’s Brian Green

Brian Green

Brian Green

Brian Green was named the head coach at alma mater New Mexico State this past summer. Serving six years as offensive coordinator and infield defensive coach at Kentucky, Green helped develop the Wildcats into one of the top offenses in the country, leading the SEC in eight offensive categories in 2014. He has developed the reputation as a top recruiter and elite hitting instructor.

Green spent four years at UCLA before Kentucky, having also coached at Hawai’i, Oregon State, San Diego, Chapman University, Cal Poly-Pomona, Riverside Community College and New Mexico State. Inside Pitch caught up with Green during his busy summer to talk about what’s made his teams so successful:

Inside Pitch: First things first- what do you look for when recruiting? Continue reading