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A “tip of the hat” to Craig Keilitz and his staff for once again organizing the largest and finest baseball clinic in the world. The 2016 version of the American Baseball Coaches Association Convention will not only have an incredible lineup of speakers with well over 4,000 coaches in attendance, but there will also be dozens of committee meetings, board meetings, a phenomenal group of sporting goods exhibits and some first class social events. Behind the scenes, coaches will be sharing ideas, debating philosophies and talking baseball “until the cows come home!” Continue reading

ABCA Executive Director Craig Keilitz on the his state of mind, the states he’s been in, and the state of college baseball

IP: What has your experience in college athletics been like?

Craig Keilitz: “I always wanted to be involved in college athletics, certainly after seeing firsthand just how much my father [Dave, who served in college athletics for 50 years as a coach, athletic director and ABCA executive director] got out of it.” Continue reading

My first ABCA Convention

article by Justin Brown

article by Justin Brown

Friday January 2nd, 2015

8:30am: The wheels of a Boeing 737 have landed on the ground in Orlando, Florida. I’m on board and heading to my first American Baseball Coaches Association convention. There is an excited nervousness internally, not really knowing what to expect. I’m hopeful to learn from some of the best baseball coaches in the world. What an opportunity.

11:05am: I’m checking in to the ABCA convention. I’ve received my first bag of information as well as my badge. My membership card lists the number one. This is my first trip, I wonder how many years I can record being at this event.

12:01pm: I get my first gaze at the ABCA Trade Show. It almost feels like an amusement park. An amusement park full of anything you can think of in baseball related equipment. I start walking up and down the aisles, which seem to go on for miles. In between exhibits I bump into coaching friends and colleagues.

6:30pm: All of the coaches are breaking out into divisional meetings. It is an awesome opportunity to discuss and deliberate over meaningful rule changes for each division of baseball. It is a really impactful experience to witness a governing body of baseball enact change in meaningful areas of the game. The mood in the room feels like a courtroom as sides discuss multiple angles on issues related to the organization.

11:00pm: Heading to bed after a long day of travel. I’m very excited to see what tomorrow has in store. Continue reading

abcaofficialThe ABCA Board of Directors voted in June to name Inside Pitch Magazine the Official Magazine of the American Baseball Coaches Association. With the move, all 2015-16 ABCA members will receive a free subscription to the magazine starting with the fall issue, which will be mailed with the October edition of Covering All Bases.

“This is a great magazine that our Board of Directors voted to put the ABCA name on,” said ABCA Executive Director Craig Keilitz. “In addition, the free subscription is another great benefit that our members have asked for and we were able to deliver. We are extremely excited about this enhanced partnership.”

In a survey conducted to ABCA members in May, 78 percent of respondents indicated they were interested in receiving Inside Pitchin the mail as part of their membership.

With the partnership, Inside Pitch will continue to feature subjects of interest to ABCA coaches, and members will have a greater opportunity to be featured in the magazine.

ABCA members who have attended the convention in recent years are already familiar with the magazine, as it was distributed free in the convention packets.

Members were given free access to the Inside Pitch app with the ability to read several issues this past spring. Members will continue to have free access to the Inside Pitch app, which features full issue content plus extras. Details about the app will be emailed periodically.

For more information, visit abca.org

From the Bleachers, Spring 2015

UNC pitching coach Scott Forbes

UNC pitching coach Scott Forbes

On last issue…

I think the new ball was awesome and our pitchers really like it. I do think it is carrying more off the bat, but I also think it allows the pitcher to get a little more on the ball and get more sink on the ball. We didn’t really change much or make many adjustments, and I think with the new ball we will see more doubles and home runs than previous years, and possibly even more velo from pitchers.

Scott Forbes
Associate Head Coach/Pitching Coach
University of North Carolina

Check out our Winter 2015 feature on the new ball at https://insidepitchonline.com/2015/02/11/the-new-ball/

Great article on Brandon Finnegan. Not sure if there’s ever been a better year team-wise for a player in quite some time. Go Royals!

Jane Schwendeman

“Finnegan and again” article available at https://insidepitchonline.com/2015/02/27/finnegan-and-again/

Just wanted to send a note to commend you guys for a job well done. As a baseball enthusiast it is great to get such an in-depth look at the inner workings of baseball on many different levels. Keep up the good work.

Joseph Hampton

ABCA members to receive Inside Pitch for free!

The American Baseball Coaches Association and Inside Pitch Magazine have agreed to an official partnership that will provide all ABCA members with an electronic subscription to the magazine as part of their basic membership benefits. A complementary issue of Inside Pitch has been provided to all attendees at the ABCA Convention for the past three years.

For the full release, visit http://abca.org/news/2015/insidepitch031615

The Keilitz Factor: Dave Keilitz’s immeasurable impact on baseball

keilitzDave Keilitz has served with distinction for 51 years as a coach, athletic director or ABCA president. Set to retire this year, Keilitz has seen firsthand the remarkable growth of amateur baseball over the last 5+ decades, and will leave a legacy of first-class service and dedication to the game we all love. Named by Baseball America as one of the ten most influential people in baseball outside of the major leagues, Keilitz is a member of multiple Halls of Fame (ABCA, Midland County Sports, Central Michigan University, NAIA and Mid-American Conference) and was a 2002 recipient of the Lefty Gomez Award. While it’s impossible to capture with mere words, Inside Pitch attempted to round the bases on his remarkable run. Continue reading