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Interviews from the first five years of Inside Pitch magazine, featuring many of the best players, coaches and administrators in the game of baseball:

  • cover-image-smallAikens, Willie
  • Babb, Bob
  • Baker, Chip
  • Bidwell, Roger
  • Brown, Scott
  • Butler, Todd
  • Cain, Brian
  • Cervantes, Manny
  • Ciccotti, Michael
  • Corbin, Tim
  • Cummins, Morgan
  • Deggs, Matt
  • Diesing, Jack
  • Doyle, Brian
  • Dunn, Pete
  • Esquer, Dave
  • Finnegan, Brandon
  • Forbes, Scott
  • Ford, Jerry
  • Freeborn, Geoff
  • Gantt, Jim
  • Garrido, Augie
  • Gaspard, Mitch
  • Gaynor, Wade
  • Gennaro, Vince
  • Gilmore, Gary
  • Godwin, Cliff
  • Goff, Greg
  • Green, Andy
  • Green, Brian
  • Heefner, Dan
  • Henderson, Gary
  • Hill, Rich
  • Horton, George
  • House, Tom
  • Jaeger, Alan
  • Johnson, Skip
  • Jordan, Brian
  • Keilitz, Craig
  • Keilitz, Dave
  • Kibler, Ben
  • King, Jayson
  • Kinnison, Mike
  • Kirkpatrick, Stephen
  • Klontz, Dave
  • Klotz, Aaron
  • Kuhn, Karl
  • Leggett, Jack
  • Lemonis, Chris
  • Lopez, Andy
  • Magers, Matt
  • Mainieri, Paul
  • Maloney, Rich
  • Martin, Mike
  • McDonnell, Dan
  • McGuire, Jim
  • McMullan, Kevin
  • Meulens, Hensley
  • Miller, Geoff
  • Mingione, Nick
  • Moore, Greg
  • O’Connor, Brian
  • O’Sullivan, Kevin
  • Owens, Steve
  • Peterson, Kyle
  • Pettitte, Andy
  • Pierce, David
  • Piniella, Lou
  • Poppe, Dennis
  • Rhodes, Dusty
  • Riggleman, Sam
  • Robinson, Rick
  • Ross, Robbie
  • Roy, Tom
  • Savage, John
  • Schmalz, Ryan
  • Serrano, Dave
  • Shehan, Jon
  • Silva, Troy
  • Smartt, Mark
  • Smith, Rob
  • Smith, Tracy
  • Springer, Steve
  • Strickland, Scott
  • Tanner, Ray
  • Thompson, Butch
  • Urso, Joe
  • Vittorio, Tony
  • Warren, Jack
  • Whitting, Todd
  • Williams, Roger

The official magazine of the ABCA, Inside Pitch is a quarterly publication for players, parents, coaches and fans that promotes integrity, thought, development and improvement of the game of baseball in a direct, unique, and first-class manner.

Inside Pitch also helps readers bridge the knowledge gap between players and their parents along with coaches and their administrators through the exchange of knowledge critical to avoiding and overcoming obstacles inherent in the current amateur baseball environment.

The magazine is distributed to subscribers and has a prominent presence at major amateur baseball events across the country. Check out our app (now available across all platforms), Facebook page, and Twitter account for updates!

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