Recruiting 101

Bo Martino, Assistant Coach, Northeast Texas JC






Bo Martino, Assistant Coach, Northeast Texas CC  CJ Wamsley, Assistant Coach, Ohio University Stephanos Stroop, Assistant Coach, St. Petersburg College
Rank the following: exit speed, velo from position, 60 time Exit speed off tee, velo from position, 60 time 60 times, velo from position, exit speed. In order of importance: 60 times, exit speed, velo from position
What is a must-have for players you recruit? Feel for the game. Easier to refine skills then teach them. It’s one thing to be athletic but to have feel, it takes a recruit to the next level. For me, it’s feel. On the field, phone, in person. Could be knowing the game or returning phone calls/ texts in a timely manner. Effectively communicate. Competitive nature
What is the biggest ‘red flag?’ A big red flag in potential recruits is when they talk bad about previous coaches they have had in their playing career. One is a kid telling the Twitter world every offer they get.  Another is parents not understanding their role, which should just be supportive and informative. If they can’t look me in the eye