Only weeks away from Spring Training!

January is an exciting time for baseball players, coaches, fans and especially all of us at Inside Pitch magazine. It marks a time when the college baseball season and MLB spring training is only weeks away. If you are anything like me, you go through a type of “mourning” when the last pitch of the World Series is thrown in October. When the sadness wears off, you start looking forward to the American Baseball Coaches Association Convention and Clinics in January-my personal, official start to the baseball season!

At the ABCA Convention and Clinics, average baseball guys, like me, get to rub shoulders with many great high school, college and major league hall of famers and some of the best minds in the game. It may be the largest baseball “classroom” in the world, with four thousand coaches absorbing knowledge and receiving motivation from many of the most successful baseball gurus within our game.

The exhibit space alone is a treat for any baseball enthusiast. Not only do you get to see and touch the latest in baseball equipment, apparel and innovations, you also will be visiting with coaches you haven’t talked to since last season and you will make new friends in baseball. The exhibit area for the latest athletic gear and technology is also a social area for coaches and exudes tons of baseball ambiance.

The ABCA Convention is also a place for exchanging ideas with great baseball coaches and spending time one-on-one with some of our game’s best leaders. Some of my greatest memories in baseball are those impromptu sessions in lobbies, hallways and rooms with legendary coaches such as John Scollinos, Itchy Jones, Mark Johnson, Gordie Gillespie, John Winkin, Ron Polk, Bob Bennett, Jerry Kindall, Augie Garrido, Charlie Greene and many, many others. This will be my 35th ABCA Convention. It is definitely one of the highlights of my year each year.

In this issue of Inside Pitch, you will get a glimpse into the ABCA Convention, as well as learning more about Andy Lopez and his Arizona Wildcat championship season. You will also gain insights on the mental aspect of baseball, comparisons of the golf swing and the baseball swing and several other cutting edge articles and illustrations. “Frame by Frame” and the “Field of Dreams” continue to be among the most talked about features of Inside Pitch. We love hearing from you and appreciate the comments about IP that we read every day.

We want Inside Pitch magazine to be an integral part of a successful 2013 season for you and your team. Enjoy the fifth issue of Inside Pitch and let us know what you think!