Kevin McMullan interview

McMullanKevin McMullan is in his 10th season at UVA, seventh as associate head coach. Considered to be one of the top assistant coaches in all of college baseball, “Coach Mac” has prior experience in the Atlanta Braves organization and at St. John’s, East Carolina, and his alma mater Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Things that make a “top assistant”….

Being surrounded by the right staff that gives you the opportunity and autonomy to do your job. Great players always make great coaches; the ability to identify the right guys for our place at Virginia. The buy in- from our players, that they understand what we’re about as a program and what they are coming into- there’s no gray area. I think when the players get there and you start asking them to make adjustments or trying to do something a little different, there all in from the get-go since you’ve been recruiting and sharing with them how we run the program.

On drills…

#1- Practical practice, It’s not necessarily a specific drill but we try to simulate the game pace in everything we do, whether it be base running live reads or the pace of handling the ball off the bat or fungo. We try to make everything game-like so when the games start, guys have been there over and over with their repetition and their preparation.

On coaching journey…

In my first job at my alma mater (Indiana-Pennsylvania), I think I learned more about READ THE REST