“Inside Pitch no semi-pro!”

domingoInside Pitch magazine is delighted to introduce budding superstar Domingo Ayala to its lineup. Ayala will serve as a truly unique correspondent, and has agreed to help us out with whatever he sees fit.

“I am a grate fan of the name ‘Inside Pitch’ because that’s my favorite pitch to hit,” said Ayala. “That’s how I know this magazine will be big tine!”

According to his website (www.domingobeisbol.com), Ayala was born and raised in Puerto Plata sometime between 1978 and 1988- records ‘have not been verified.’ At a young age in the Dominican Republic, he fell in love with and began to excel at the game of baseball.

A viral sensation on YouTube, Ayala has imparted his interminable knowledge on hitting a home run (and the accompanying ‘popping of the chain’), hitting for average, base stealing, playing catch (for a scout), and virtually every other skill necessary to excel- or stand out otherwise- within the game.

“It’s no surprise why the beisbol community is following my videos,” added Ayala. “It’s the best instruction out there, even though most of my grateness, it is god-given. I’m looking forward to working with all of my new frens at Inside Pitch!

The man who is hardly a myth and nearly a legend has also been quoted as saying ‘it’s God given,’ ‘the early worm chases the bird,’ ‘you’re only as weak as your strongest link,’ and ‘it’s hitting for average, you can’t throw to my wheelhouse, I’ll hit a bomb!’

Ayala has already graced several aspiring baseballers with his presence, including the Colorado Rockies, the University of Tennessee, and individual major-leaguers such as Hank Conger and Mark Trumbo of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

He’s awe-inspiring. He’s one-of-a-kind. His talent is unmatched. And he’s the latest, greatest addition to our team. Enjoy!