From the Bleachers, Spring 2015

UNC pitching coach Scott Forbes

UNC pitching coach Scott Forbes

On last issue…

I think the new ball was awesome and our pitchers really like it. I do think it is carrying more off the bat, but I also think it allows the pitcher to get a little more on the ball and get more sink on the ball. We didn’t really change much or make many adjustments, and I think with the new ball we will see more doubles and home runs than previous years, and possibly even more velo from pitchers.

Scott Forbes
Associate Head Coach/Pitching Coach
University of North Carolina

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Great article on Brandon Finnegan. Not sure if there’s ever been a better year team-wise for a player in quite some time. Go Royals!

Jane Schwendeman

“Finnegan and again” article available at

Just wanted to send a note to commend you guys for a job well done. As a baseball enthusiast it is great to get such an in-depth look at the inner workings of baseball on many different levels. Keep up the good work.

Joseph Hampton

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