In a recent conversation with a coach about attending the American Baseball Coaches Association Convention, he said,  “When I first started coaching at the college level, I thought, ‘I’ve played in the SEC and played and coached at the minor league level. I don’t need to attend the clinics. Then, I saw two coaches sitting on the front row during a presentation and both of those guys were taking notes as if they were a first-year coach. It occurred to me that if you want to pursue excellence as a coach, it’s important to continue to learn and grow.’”

article by Publisher Keith Madison

Speaking of excellence, I want to give a tip of the cap to Dave Destler and the Magazine Factory. Dave continues to help design an appealing, attractive publication for baseball coaches, players and fans. Combine Dave’s talents with the baseball knowledge and work ethic of our editor, Adam Revelette, and our associate editors Jon Litchfield and Zach Haile and you have a championship caliber baseball magazine. Thanks, guys. I like our Inside Pitch team!

If you love baseball (and I know you do) this issue of Inside Pitch will not disappoint. From Tim Corbin’s feature article on “the hard work of winning” to Fred Corral’s insights on pitching, there is a ton of experience and knowledge within these pages.  Then, Alan Jaeger teaches us how to bring mental practice into the daily practice plan.  And you don’t want to miss Darren Fenster’s tribute to his college baseball coach the legendary Fred Hill.

Bud Daniel

In closing, I would like to say “farewell” to Glenn R. “Bud” Daniel. I could write pages about my respect for Bud and his accomplishments, but frankly it would fill the entire magazine. Please allow me to list but a few of his accolades:

  • World War ll Marine Fighter Pilot
  • Purple Heart recipient
  • Led his Wyoming Cowboys to the College World Series in 1956
  • Former President, Board Member and Board Chairman of the ABCA
  • ABCA Hall of Fame

Bud Daniel made incredible contributions to America and to America’s pastime. He will be missed.

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