Chris Lemonis


Lemonis accepted Indiana head job in summer of 2014

What are some of the things you’ve learned along your coaching journey that have really helped you?

I would say one of the biggest things is organization, just being highly organized so that everybody knows what’s expected. My background is from a military college [The Citadel], so you can imagine how organized everything was. Everybody knows what’s expected when you show up every day.

Building relationships with certain coaches on your staff and even opponents over time can also really help you. Every time you’re looking to move up you need help from somebody else, it’s never just on your own. So does the success that you have. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been to two places that are highly successful, and people recognize that.

What do you look for when you’re recruiting?

My first head coach just told me to compare guys to players that you’ve played with or against. We are constantly looking at a guy and saying, you know, ‘I think he’s going to be very similar to Chris Dominguez’ or whoever we might have.

From a pitching side we like bigger guys, we like cleaner arms, and when you’re at Louisville you’re able to get more of those guys than other places. It’s helpful to just have a blueprint of sorts for our recruiting.

I think the biggest thing with our recruiting philosophy is we try to recruit when it’s uncomfortable, when it’s hard. Yesterday [on a Thursday during the season] I got up, drove 5 ½ hours, saw a game, and drove 5 ½ hours back. That’s not what a normal recruiter does. Our goal is to do what other people don’t do; in the summer and fall, everybody recruits. We try to do what other people don’t to gain an advantage.

On drills…

We do off-center hitting every week. One day a work we’ll do off-center oppo, and one day a week we’ll do off-center pull. We do it every single week. If we’re facing a team that’s pounding the ball away or has a lot of lefties, we may work on oppo. If we know we’re going to face some power arms, we may do pull work.

Another thing we do offensively is READ THE REST