Top Coach Podcast preview: Mike Rooney- the voice of college baseball

topcoachA former player at Notre Dame and coach at the NCAA Division I (Arizona State), NJCAA (Phoenix College) and high school (Malvern Prep) levels, Mike Rooney is now one of the foremost college baseball analysts the game has to offer. In addition to being one of the more entertaining Twitter follows (@Mike_Rooney) out there, “Roons” is as tuned in with the college game as anyone. He recently sat down with Top Coach Podcast and our friend Jack Warren. Here’s a sneak preview of the interview: Continue reading

Top Coach Podcast Preview- Chip Baker

topcoachOne of college baseball’s most versatile individuals, Chip Baker has been the longtime right-hand man of Mike Martin. For the past three-plus decades, Baker has served as a Seminole assistant coach, camp instructor, and director of operations. Here’s a sneak peek at Jack Warren’s latest interview with Baker, which covers family ties in high school, working with the game’s best coaches, what it’s like to run baseball operations at a program like Florida State and yes, even his experience driving the bus.

Upbringing at North Rowan (NC) High School

“My father was a high school basketball coach and director of athletics at the same high school my brother and I went to. My mother taught physical education and health and my grandmother was head of the cafeteria, so I go to school and my whole family was there, it was unique. My dad gave me the master key in eighth grade, so I could go lift weights, play basketball, hit off the tee, and if he ever needed me to do something, I had a key! It was a thrill to be there with my family. It really was.”

Experience as a college baseball player at High Point University and beginning as a coach Continue reading

Study Shows That Agility Improves Pitching Performance

Quick Pitch imageResearchers at Tarleton State University recently completed a study that examined the effectiveness of strength and conditioned protocols as they relate to the one thing all coaches care about- winning.

In the study, titled ‘Agility Measures Related to Game Performance of NCAA Baseball Pitchers,’ Andrew Wolfe, Jason Jones, Kayla Peak, Randy Martin and Joe Priest looked into the similarities between the pitching motion and the kinetic chain employed in agility tests which involve acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction. Continue reading

Fall 2014 recap

fall14Publisher Keith Madison wants us to enjoy the ride. Don’t miss his take on what every player needs.

We heard what our readers would do if they called the shots in our Fall 2014 From the Bleachers. Our 3 up, 3 down section covered what baseball’s past three commissioners have done in office.

Coaches Corner featured Top Coach Podcast‘s Jack Warren.

We know that recruiting is a two-way street, and coaches from across the country chimed in on how to get recruited.

New Mexico State head coach Brian Green was the subject of an excellent Inside Interview.

Read why Eddie Comeaux thinks that Little League World Series players should be compensated, and check out Louisville Slugger’s 2015 performance bats.

The ultimate walk-off was registered towards the end of the 2014 season. Did you miss it?

Drs. Michael Ciccotti and Ben Kibler address the arm injury epidemic in Part 1 of our Arm care double feature.

Also don’t miss three resolutions we should all try, Chris Burke’s Frame by Frame breakdown of Giancarlo’s Ground Force, how to love the game more by playing it less, and the ABCA offering clinic videos to all.

Keep your internet browsers pointed this way for all the Winter 2015 articles coming soon!



Little League World Series: Why Players Should Be Compensated

"Quick Pitch" with Eddie Comeaux

“Quick Pitch” with Eddie Comeaux

In August, I tuned in to watch the talented and sporadically entertaining players in the Little League World Series (LLWS) held in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. There were some exciting and intense moments for viewers, from an acrobatic diving catch on the warning track by Alex Barker to Pierce Jones’ three home-run game and the dominant and historic performances of star pitcher Mo’ne Davis who threw two consecutive complete game shutouts.

Just another day at the ballpark for these gifted youngsters, right? Not quite. Continue reading

NLRB Rules in Favor of Northwestern U Football Players: Implications for Other Sports and Title IX

"Quick Pitch" with Eddie Comeaux

“Quick Pitch” with Eddie Comeaux

The recent surprise ruling by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) found that Northwestern University scholarship football players were employees of the university and had the right to form a labor union and to bargain collectively. As part of its supporting evidence for its ruling, the NLRB highlighted the amount of time athletes spend on sport-related activities and the incredible control and power that coaches have over scholarship athletes. The decision comes after several decades of pressures from advocates of college athletes for comprehensive reform of the NCAA’s amateur model.

Donald Remy, NCAA’s Chief Legal Officer, issued the following statement on the ruling: “While not a party to the proceeding, the NCAA is disappointed that the NLRB Region 13 determined the Northwestern football team may vote to be considered university employees. We strongly disagree with the notion that student-athletes are employees.”

Of course, the NCAA objected to the NLRB ruling considering it has spent several decades defending and propagating its self-serving amateurism principles. Continue reading

Less Violent Sports Aren’t Exempt: Evidence of Brain Trauma Disease CTE Found in Baseball

"Quick Pitch" with Eddie Comeaux

“Quick Pitch” with Eddie Comeaux

Over the past few decades, sport-related brain injuries have been generally linked to violent collision sports like football, field hockey, and boxing. But surprisingly, the risk for brain injuries is not limited to your typical contact sports. Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine recently found evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in former Major League Baseball player, Ryan Freel.

According to medical experts, CTE are most commonly found in individuals with a history of repetitive brain trauma or concussions caused either by a direct or indirect blow to the head or elsewhere on the body that is transmitted to the head.

Freel reported that he suffered at least 10 concussive injuries as a MLB player.
In CTE, abnormal proteins called tau accumulate in the brain that can lead, over time, to such symptoms as impaired memory and judgment, reduced motor function, confusion, depression, aggression, and suicidal behavior. Continue reading