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Every year in the middle of February, spring training facilities in Florida and Arizona all have a buzz of excitement for the upcoming baseball season. Major League stars are getting ready for the grind, minor league guys are found on back fields honing their craft, while fans are enjoying both as they escape the cold with warm thoughts of summer.  There is hardly a time of the year when there is more enthusiasm for our game. Continue reading

6 Useful Statistics for the High School Baseball Coach

by Adam Newland, Madison County (GA) High School and Matt Thompson, Cass (GA) High School 

Despite the protests of Goose Gossage, analytics in baseball are here to stay.  Instead of relying solely on the eye test, coaches are now armed with statistics that can help them gain a competitive advantage in ways which may escape the naked eye. Continue reading

7 Mistakes Coaches Make for Retirement

Doug Davis has been around the sports community all of his life. With a family of Mississippi State athletes, Doug’s dad and uncle were highly-accomplished football players, Doug played varsity tennis, and his nephew was the Bulldog’s baseball captain a decade ago. Considering this history, coupled with advising investors since 1985, Doug has compiled this list of why so many coaches struggle with their retirement game plan. 

1. Waiting Too Long Continue reading