The return of the keyhole path

As coaches, we owe the playing generation the best field conditions, preparation, and chance to succeed. As an ode to 50 years of alumni at my latest post and to provide a boost to our mostly inexperienced but eager baseball protégés, I thought it would be advantageous to install a throwback feature at our diamond known in earlier times as the ‘keyhole path.’

The Path to Coaching

How does someone become a coach? Is it the same for all coaches? I read and listen to many interviews with high school, college and professional coaches and it always comes up in the conversation: how did you get started?

“The Gift”

You can’t be around Coach Bennett more than five minutes before he’s sharing knowledge. He’s not only a coaching legend, he’s also an author, a poet and a baseball treasure.

Baseball Rules in Black and White

The National High School Baseball Coaches Association and Baseball Rules in Black and White’s goal is to build a long overdue bridge, built with improved communication, mutual respect and enhanced rule knowledge. This is the beginning step in our effort to create a bridge between Umpires and Coaches that can expand the respect of a handshake throughout every game.