Derwood Penney: “a job well done”

Pops’ legacy will live on forever at Navarro and his impact continues to spread across the country on ballfields and in the workplaces and homes of those who were impacted by his presence.

Pitch to contact

One walk can create a problem. Multiple walks, or an inability to maintain control of the strike zone, can single handedly lose the game for your team. Guess you better learn to “Throw Strikes!”

Respect The Umpires

I’m not saying that you must agree with everything, however, disagree with class. Umpires will miss calls, have erratic strike zones, misinterpret rules, etc. but remember, we all make mistakes. Shake your head, exhale deeply, talk to the person next to you about the bad call but then move on to the next pitch.

The Competitive Coach

As hard as it is to put a finger on exactly what a competitive player is, it is even harder to explain what a competitive coach looks like. To this end, I did some research into the topic by asking some coaches and former coaches that I admire the simple question, “What does a competitive coach look like?”

Because Baseball

“It’s hard to beat playing catch at the pyramids. We took a group of our Egyptian youth players and their families to the pyramids to play the first game of baseball at that location since the 1914 Giants-White Sox game. Being a part of history is incredibly gratifying.”