6–4–3 Charts: Advanced Scouting and Analytics

“Built by a coach, for a coach”

As he was scrambling to complete three scouting reports on an overnight bus to the 2017 NCAA Tallahassee Regional, Tennessee Tech Assistant Coach Derek Weldon had an idea.

While regularly spending up to eight hours tediously organizing data and manually creating opponents’ spray charts by hand, Weldon figured that with all of the information available, a scouting service could efficiently put together fully comprehensive and objective spray charts. He saw an opportunity to also compile valuable short-game stats and other advanced analytics. What if there was a service that took this information and organized it into a highly detailed and intuitive product?

Weldon joined up with Rick Ahlf, an Aerospace Engineer and former player of his at Timberline (WA) High School, and Tim Kuhn, a CPA and former teammate. With experience in their respective fields of coaching, software development, and business, co-founders Derek, Rick, and Tim built 6–4–3 Charts, and now aim to provide clients with a competitive advantage through the most accurate and applicable scouting reports, statistics and advanced analytics on the market.

6–4–3 Charts includes detailed hitting and pitching spray charts, advanced analytics and sabermetrics for collegiate teams and their opponents:

● ACCURATE CLASSIFICATION — By breaking the field into 16 separate zones, 6–4–3 Charts accurately classify each ball put into play for any given player.

● ADVANCED SPRAY CHARTS — In addition to the overall chart, 6–4–3 Charts show four unique Advanced Spray Charts that are all accompanied by relevant stats. Tendencies versus RHP and LHP, contact tendencies with 2 strikes, and power charts that will give you the strategic edge you need.

● ADVANCED ANALYTICS — What are the stats that coaches really care about? Gain a better understanding of the opposition and your own players through 6-4-3 Charts’ exclusive Advanced Analytics and Batting Average by Count data.

● SHORT GAME — Defend opponents’ bunt and run game strategies better than ever before. 6–4–3 Charts identifies which bases players and teams tend to steal, pickoff data, and detailed classification of bunt attempts including drags, pushes, and squeeze/safety squeeze attempts.

● PITCHING CHARTS — Understand contact tendencies for your own pitchers and position your defenders with even greater precision. Scout the opposition with Advanced Analytics and gain a better understanding of a pitcher’s strengths and weaknesses.

Take a look for yourself via the provided samples and visit www.643charts.com for more information.