3 up, 3 down- what’s the worst weather you’ve ever played/coached in?


HOTTEST- Baylor Super Regional 2012. We were in the first base dugout and when I stepped off the bus it felt like it was 150 degrees. And the Baylor bats were even hotter, we took a kicking that day. That’s one of the hottest days I can recall in the last ten years.

COLDEST- Arkansas got pretty chilly. I can’t remember exactly but you try to move around and stay warm as much as you can!

ADJUSTMENTS- I don’t talk about it, to be honest. Whatever the weather, we need to attack the day we have and not worry or complain about it.


HOTTEST- when I was the head coach at Northwestern State, 2004(?), we played Rice at the LSU Regional and it was probably 100 degrees and the humidity was unreal. There was sweat dripping off your hat. We’ve had some hot ones down in Baton Rouge when the humidity comes off the Mississippi.

COLDEST- Georgia, 1997, SEC opener. Everyone else canceled that day and a cold front came through, it was in the 20s and the wind chill was probably about four degrees. I remember Jim Wells was the only one left in the dugout at the end of the game, all the assistant coaches and players were huddled up around the heater in the locker room.

ADJUSTMENTS- we always talk about being mentally tough. You try to focus and stay with it. The hot days obviously you really want to stay hydrated and do all the things you can do in preparation for the hot days. In cold weather, you have to really prepare for it mentally and try to dress accordingly, try to make it a little more comfortable and do some things to keep you in a positive frame of mind.


HOTTEST- Conference tournament, Wichita State, 2008. It was in the 90s and it was pretty hot in late May on that turf!

COLDEST- “The Ice Bowl” in 2007 at Rosenblatt Stadium, Creighton vs. Nebraska. The temperatures were really really low but what made it terrible was the wind, it was just crushing. It had to be in the teens. It was a knock-down, drag-out game- they scored nine on us in the first two innings and we came back and tied the game. When it was all said and done it was a four hour game.

ADJUSTMENTS- when it’s cold it’s more mental adjustments (attitude) and when it’s hot it’s more physical adjustments (keeping guys hydrated, being smart about pregame, etc.)