3 up 3 down- what is your favorite…

Our latest “3 up, 3 down” takes a look into the “favorites” of University of North Carolina Associate Head Coach Scott Forbes, ABCA Executive Director Dave Keilitz (subject of this issue’s Feature column) and Louisiana State University Head Coach Paul Mainieri (subject of this issue’s Coaches Corner).

Scott Forbes, Associate Head Coach/Pitching Coach, University of North Carolina

Favorite baseball movie- I like to laugh, so I gotta go with Bull Durham

Favorite player- Roy Halladay. I would love to just hang around him for a month, to watch his work ethic. And Nolan Ryan… I think it’s a lost art of going out there believing that you’re going to finish the game you start and understanding that you’re not always gonna feel great every time.

Favorite Quote- it’s a simple as it gets and we use it all the time, “stay with the process.” What that means for us is that every day is a new day of trying to be the best pitcher and the best person you can become. If you punched out 10 or if you gave up four runs yesterday, the next day is still the same day. We all know that if you have a bad outing, it’s a lot easier to work harder than it is if you had a great outing.

Paul Mainieri, Head Coach, Louisiana State University

Favorite baseball movie- When I was young it was Pride of the Yankees, the Lou Gehrig story. I cried all the time when I would watch that. What a guy and a role model he was! In the modern day, it has to be Field of Dreams. When Kevin Costner asks his dad to play catch at the end, I get all choked up.

Favorite player- When I was young, Roberto Clemente was awe-inspiring, the consummate five-tool player. He was born to be a baseball player. In high school and college, Bucky Dent was my man and I wanted to be like him. Today, all my former players playing in the big leagues are my favorite players.

Favorite quote- “The difference between the possible and the impossible lies in a man’s determination” -Tommy Lasorda

Dave Keilitz, Executive Director, ABCA

Favorite Movie- Field of Dreams

Favorite Quote- “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou

Favorite Player- All the guys I coached; I had eight major leaguers, and all of those are my favorites