3 up, 3 down: Ed Blankmeyer, Mitch Thompson, Tom Walter

Ed Blankmeyer, St. John’s

Favorite car you ever owned: 1965 Mustang. I’ve been really trying to talk my wife into getting a Corvette. Midlife crisis type of thing….I’ll get there.

Hotel must-haves: What’s around the hotel to eat? We travel pretty extensively so we try to make it as comfortable as possible for our players.

What you do to pass the time (if/when you have it): I’ll try to stay at home and spend time with the family, go out to dinner, decompress.

Mitch Thompson, McLennan CC

Favorite car you ever owned: 1967 candy apple red Mustang. 

Hotel must-haves: Each player has to get their own bed!

What you do to pass the time (if/when you have it): I’ll have a book going. I’m enjoying Bill O’Reilly’s The Killing series. I like history. I like John Maxwell’s stuff.

Tom Walter, Wake Forest

Favorite car you ever owned: My first ever car, a $12,000, four door Honda Civic. My monthly $250 payment was a lot for me! I drove that thing 175,000 miles and probably got a total of three oil changes, like, ever. I told everyone not to believe the hype in oil changes at first…and in the end, I’d literally carry around a case of oil in my car and have to fill it almost weekly.

Hotel must-haves: For the players, it has to be a good breakfast—a real breakfast. Our meal money is pretty good, but any time we can give them free meals along the way, we want to do that.

What you do to pass the time (if/when you have it): I’m always reading something, usually two books at the same time. One will be sports-related, sports psychology, and another would be a book forfun—CSI, forensics, military OPs, easy reads. I listen to TED talks a couple times a week. I love those.