From the Bleachers: Daniel Corona, Grand Street Campus (NY) HS

I’m writing to you to share the story of my travels to the ABCA Convention in January. The Thursday before, NYC was hit with a “bomb snow storm” that forced cancellation to 99% of the flights coming in and out of Long Island/NYC. So, my first flight on Thursday and second rescheduled flight that day were both cancelled. I was determined to make it to Indianapolis, so I found a bus that was leaving Chinatown and going straight to Indy.

However, when I arrived at the bus terminal, I found out that this too has been cancelled due to travel conditions. Still determined, I booked a flight out of Washington DC and found a bus from the NYC port authority to DC, which thankfully departed on time.

However, six hours later upon my arrival in DC, I learned that my new flight too was cancelled, along with the next flight which I rescheduled out of DC, which was originally scheduled for Friday morning. Now, I’m thinking to myself, My God, why don’t you want me to go to Indy? All I want to do is learn, network and see my good friend Ed Blankmeyer get inducted into the ABCA Hall of Fame. I gave it one more shot and booked a flight to Indianapolis, this time from Baltimore. The flight was still scheduled when I woke up that morning, so I took an Uber from DC and finally made it onto a plane. Yes!

However, 45 minutes into the flight and 30,000 feet in the air, Flight 275 from Baltimore to Indy had to be re-routed back to Baltimore because the left engine shut off. I’m thinking now I’m going to die for being so persistent and not listening to my wife, who ‘told me so.’ I opted to de-board the plane and not wait for the mechanics to fix it.

God works in mysterious ways, and when I got off the plane, there was a gentleman that was trying to get onto the plane I just got off. He had changed his travel plans to go to Indy instead of his original destination: Long Island, back where it all started for me! We exchanged seats and everyone eventually made it to where they were going safely.

The ABCA does an excellent job with convention and because of that, guys like myself and many other coaches are willing to take risks to gather information to bring back to our players and organizations. The opportunity that the ABCA provides to the entire baseball community by hosting this convention is unrivaled by any other sport and quite frankly, any other field of business. I can’t seem to find any other event that brings in 6,000-plus people who show up for the same cause—to get better and help others—with people willing to share all of their information. It’s the most unselfish event I know of, and I personally do all of this to help my guys get to the next level and make baseball great again in Brooklyn, NY.

For all that you do, Thank you very much! Time to plan for Dallas 2019!

— Daniel Corona
Assistant Coach
Grand Street Campus HS, Brooklyn,