From the Bleachers, Winter 2017

“Dear Keith,

You are really bouncing balls off the center field fence! The current copy of Inside Pitch is another winner. I did not enjoy any one of your articles more than the one by Jason [Kuhn], the Navy Seal. I read it over and over because their as so much that made me think of so many of my teams. 

“There are statements that really connected. Many of my players still want to get together each spring and recall all our trips, crazy games and the College World Series (a never to be forgotten event).

“At one of our reunions they presented me with a replica of the brick paver that was placed on the University of Wyoming Wall of Legends, in honor of the team that was inducted into the Wyoming Athletic Hall of Fame. It reads ‘1956 Baseball CWS – 18 Guys and Bud.’ 

“The military mindset was prevalent throughout my whole career. I always told my teams that everything I ever learned in life I learned in Kindergarten, the Marine Corps and Baseball. They never let me forget it.”

-Bud Daniel  

Bud Daniel is a World War II veteran and former head coach at the University of Wyoming. During his 20-year tenure, he led Wyoming to four Mountain States Conference Championships, a WAC division title and its lone College World Series appearance in 1956. His 295 wins are a school record. In addition to serving his country as a WWII marine fighter pilot, Daniel has been inducted into the University of Wyoming Hall of Fame, the College Baseball Hall of Fame and the ABCA Hall of Fame. He joined the ABCA in 1952 and is its longest-tenured member, with 65+ years of continuous membership. Daniel was the 1963 ABCA President and Chairman of ABCA Board of Directors from 1992-95.


2 comments on “From the Bleachers, Winter 2017

  1. Jason Kuhn says:

    Bud, truly honored to receive such kind words from a man who served with the greatest generation in addition to many baseball accomplishments. Thank you sir. -Jason Kuhn

  2. Buddy Butts says:

    Jason Kuhn is one of the most honorable men that I’ve ever known. His belief in God, Family and Country are second to none. His ability and willingness to share his experiences to young people through his sports program that he has developed is truly a gift and has already affected a positive change in so many of their lives.

    It Pays To Be A Winner!

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