Karl Kuhn interview

karlkuhnCoaching journey…

Everybody takes a different path, and mine started right after playing at the University of Florida. I went back to my old high school in Gainesville and I coached there for two years. Then I went back to my old junior college, Valencia, and I coached there for a year. While I was doing that, I met Brian Reese, who had just gotten the job at Bethune-Cookman. He put me in touch with Randy Mazey, who was leaving Clemson after getting the head job at Charleston Southern. I was Randy Mazey’s first assistant at Charleston Southern for three years and we ended up winning a conference championship. Once we did that we both moved on and ironically enough, Brian Reese had left Bethune-Cookman for Arkansas-Little Rock. I went with him out there and we inherited a program that went 6-23, had seven pitchers on the staff and played at a city park. In seven years we kind of rewrote the record books at UALR, raised over a half-a-million dollars for a new field and one Thanksgiving, Brian and I actually put in a brand new AstroTurf infield ourselves. We were the jack of all trades.

Along the way, our basketball coach at UALR was Porter Moser, who played at Creighton around the same time Brian O’Connor played baseball there. I was going on a recruiting trip to Notre Dame and Porter told me to say hello to [O’Connor], and that’s how I met Brian O’Connor. We became great friends on the road, he helped me out with a couple players, and we actually played in the Notre Dame San Antonio tournament the year they went to the College World Series. He eventually got the head job at Virginia and called me up and I’ve been here ten years.

On drills…

Ever since I got into coaching I’ve always used the READ THE REST


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