Cliff Godwin

godwinOne of the top assistants in college baseball has prior coaching experience at UNC-Wilmington, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, LSU, and Central Florida.

On coaching journey…

“I’ve been very blessed to have worked for a lot of successful coaches. My first stop was as a volunteer assistant at UNC-Wilmington with head coach Mark Scalf. He’s been there for 21 years and they’re done a great job with their program. I got to work with Tim Corbin, who’s done such a great job at Vanderbilt, Paul Maineri (Notre Dame, now at LSU), Terry Rooney (Central Florida), and now Mike Bianco (Ole Miss). They’re all successful head coaches and I’ve been very blessed to take bits and pieces from every single guy and hopefully one day when I become a head coach I’ll have a lot of very successful people’s ideas that will help me along the way.”

On being a Director of Operations at Vanderbilt…

“Coach Corbin was awesome because he never looked at me as just an office person. Obviously I couldn’t do anything on the field, but I was still a “baseball guy.” I was kind of Coach Corbin’s right-hand man in that I helped him out with all of his administrative stuff but I was in the office where it was just him and I, and we talked a lot about baseball. I learned so much from him from the standpoint of what goes on behind the scenes. Normally when you’re a young baseball coach you think you just gotta get the field ready, just gotta coach the guys, and that’s what you do as a coach- and there’s so much more that goes into that now. Coach Corbin was just a great mentor for me, to learn a lot of different aspects of managing a Division-I program.”

On drills…

“There are a few drills our guys do every single day before they ever have a live pitch thrown to them:READ THE REST


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